Assignment 1 right here….complete!

I have successfully managed to complete assignment one. I opted for a website creation as I felt that I could use my creative edge to produce a clear cut, educational website that provides a variety of evidence to support the use of ICT’s into grade 5 classrooms.

The URL for my website is:

I used a variety of programmes that I felt were relevant and useable to relay my argument about the use of ICT’s in the classroom. I would also like to briefly discuss a couple of interactive programmes I found while researching that I believe my fellow classmates would be interested in reviewing.

The following programmes were used in my artifact:

Story bird – to discuss the use of this tool for to create imaginative texts that display and understand social contexts.

Prezi – this was used to present my argument for the use of digital technologies in the field of science. My reason for using technology in science was to show ways in which to display projects and present data. I feel this programme effectively conveyed this message.

Studyladder, The Mint and The Money Smart Teaching – these were all examples of how to use technology to teach finance literacy to grade 5’s. I have to mention that this reason was the hardest to research as there was little to no evidence to support the use of technology in teaching finance. I am worried that this part of the assignment will let me down.

Animoto – I discovered this tool while researching for this assignment and have added it inas a way to describe my reasons, rather than typing out a scripted paragraph. I enjoyed creating video’s with this programme and have signed up and paid for a 12 month subscription as  I am confident that I will be using it during my prac placement, during further subjects and in my personal life.

Bugscope – this is an interactive lesson used for primary school aged children. Classes send off insects that they find to a laboratory. The lab loads the insect into their system and makes an appointment with the school to have an interactive lesson. Students can then ask the scientist questions, discuss facts and inspect the insect all through the internet. This is a great interactive teaching tool!

Weebly – I briefly included the benefits of using websites and blogs for creative writing.

That is pretty much it. Now I sit patiently (more like nervously) waiting for the results. I do not feel confident about a top result but I can confidently say that I am wiser and more excited about using technology in the classroom. This assignment has a been a huge learning curve for me!



10 thoughts on “Assignment 1 right here….complete!

  1. Hi Gen,
    You have provided a wonderful submission for your first assignment using so many creative platforms. I know technology can be frustrating but you seem to have mastered your content, well done! I loved the storybird and thought this might appeal to a younger audience too, I have year 1 for this prc would you recommend using storybird for this age group? Your reasons for implementing ICTs with a year 5 class were well articulated and I think your focus on financial competence would be useful to your context. Congratulations again,

  2. Hi Gen,
    Congratulations on your submission for assignment 1, you have provided a very creative response. I really enjoyed your storybird and am wondering if you think this would be easy to implement with younger students as I have a Year 1 class for prac? You had mentioned your concern about introducing ICTs and finance for a year 5 context but I support its inclusion as a learning experience for a year 5 context. I am hoping you don’t mind if I put a link to this post in my blog as I have just written about some tried and tested web 2.0 tools that might be beneficial to others, and your resources are great!
    Congratulations again on a wonderful submission,

    • Thanks Jenni. It was quite scary to begin with but eventually I let creativity takeover. I figured that I had to take an all in or go home approach. I really appreciate your feedback. Yes I love storybird too. I am so happy that I have found this program and hopefully I am able to use it in my lessons when I am on prac. I absolutely think you would be able to use it in the younger age groups. This could be done as a group activity and have the whole class write a story using the pictures as their inspiration. What I love about storybird is that the pictures are used to write the story, not the other way around. It can take children on a wonderful, creative journey and is a great angle to take when teaching children about how to write and create stories.

    • Thanks Jenni. Please feel free to link this post to your blog. I love that some of my ideas are able to be shared with others. I have been able to gain so many ideas from my peers.

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  5. Hi Gen. Your posts are great and I love storybook. I had never seen this before. Do you mind if I mention your post about storybook in my post. Good luck on your assignment. Vicki Williams

    • No worries Vicki. Please feel free to use any of my posts in your blog. I am certainly using others posts as part of my learning journey and if my posts can help others then that makes me very happy!

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