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Tomorrow I am meeting with my mentor teacher to discuss various aspects of my upcoming prac like curriculum, lesson planning, NAPLAN (which is on while I am there), technology integration, timetables and what is expected from me. For this prac I am teaching grade 5 which will be quite a change from previous pracs where I have done HPE (that is the specialisation that I am taking). I’m not feeling overly confident about the use of technology in the classroom as I am not sure exactly how I am going to implement it, what I will use and when I can use it. I want to make sure that I am using the TIP (see this link for a previous blog about TIP) model of planning so that the ICT I use is providing students with rich experiences. I also need to ensure that I am aware of TPACK while there as well as ensuring my students are learning and enjoying what they are being taught. Since the start of this subject I been building my PKN and PLN. My network has grown and I am learning so many great ideas from everyone as well as ‘hopefully’ divulging many great ideas in return. My PKN is growing day by day but I am concerned that what I have added to it is not going to be useful in a grade 5 classroom.

These are the programs and ICT instruments that I so far plan to use:

Storybird – love it love it love it! Can you tell that I love this program! (See my previous blog post for info).

Class blog – this is an obvious choice. Probably the quickest and best way of communicating with and understanding student learning. I noticed that Katie Reed was also planning to create a class blog. I was also interested in reading Jen Brown’s blog post titled ‘The Class Blog‘ as a great introduction to her experiences and the benefits of using a class blog.

Science simulations – I wrote about these in a previous blog post. I am planning on using them for Science. Scootle has an array of great simulations that would be excellent for science lessons. Please feel free to leave me any more simulation suggestions as I am always on the look out. There is a website titled ‘The Connected Classroom‘ that has some good simulations. Going to book mark that site.

I would love to use Edcanvas in the classroom for perhaps a presentation or for research purposes and I have subscribed to Animoto so hopefully there are some opportunities to use this program too. I also love the Xtranormal program and hope that it can be useful too.

I would love to hear from any bloggers who can offer any new programs to me that are suitable for a grade 5 classroom.

I will write a follow up blog to let everyone know how my meeting went and any ideas that were generated. Fingers crossed! I hope everyone is excited about their upcoming prac!!

2 thoughts on “Preparation for Prac

  1. Hi Gen,
    I think a class blog would be a fantastic addition for year 5. What did your mentor say? I hope she was as enthusiastic as we are, as Katie mentioned students can learn some really important skills through blogging, and from what I learned in our middle years course, it is really important for students in this age group to have a voice.
    I have had year 5’s for one of my pracs, and did a science unit about the cane toad, not quite sure how you could weave it in to your upcoming prac but the virtual frog dissection is awesome.
    Looking forward to reading about your experiences,

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