This week I will begin with showing everyone the TIP model.  TIP stands for Technology Integration Planning can be understood in the blog ‘Virtual Professional Development‘. Please take a brief moment to investigate the image below and see if you are able to determine what TIP offers to the world of teaching and planning.

The use of technology in the classroom needs to be meaningful, purposeful and effective. It needs to create learning experiences that develop knowledge not replaces existing materials for the sack of integrating technology. This is where TIP ensures that the integration is effective and meaningful. Using TIP is very much like implementing any lesson plan. There needs to be goals and objectives, lesson plans designed to enable learning, and reflection on what worked and what did not. The difference is that technology needs to be the lead player. The goals and objectives need to point towards the use of ICT integration, the lesson plans need to provide advantages and improve learning and the reflection needs to be able to to demonstrate what worked and what did not work and how it can be improved for next time. TIP discusses two main categories of benefit – Enhancing and Changing. Enhancing allows for some advantages in using ICT where as changing provides the ability to do something new, something that has never been done before.

Here is an example:

This weeks learning task asked me to look at a scenario that I had been placed in or that I had used in a lesson plan where the use of ICT was used to to solve a problem. As a soon to be HPE teacher I am always looking for ways to incorporate ICT. Rather than have an expert come into the school for a demonstration, which can be expensive and difficult to organise I had my students study some YouTube clips as a demonstration for jump rope. Although this is not a new technology it did enhance their learning and provide students with various ideas and guidelines for skipping that would not have been learnt otherwise.

For a unit plan I developed for EDC3100 I had students use a science simulation that allowed them to view the nutritional requirements for plants and to discover what they could and could not live without. This was a very quick and inexpensive way to learn about the effects of sunlight, soil and water on the growth of plants.  The simulation even created a report that students could print out.

Here are some useful sites that provide information on TIP:

WizIQ provides a slideshow on TIP and has some very useful information that is very relevant for pre-service teachers who are about to embark on pracs where technology integration is essential.

Kelly Frintzilas and Emma Smolenaers both blogged about the effectiveness and how to integrate the TIP model into their teaching plan. Please feel free to view their blogs on their ideas and thoughts on TIP.

YouTube – TIP model


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