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Well, yesterday I visited my mentor teacher and class. I was able to gauge an idea as to what type of class, technology and work load I was going to have to work with. My mentor teacher is great and very honest about the class and what they are able to understand and achieve. I have known him for a couple of years as I met him at a previous prac at this school and he is very well known and respected within Catholic Education on the Gold Coast. This is a very difficult class therefore my behaviour management skills are going to need to be brushed up on.  He has some very difficult students, some with problems, some that do not want to co-operate and some that do not receive support from the people who are their role models. There is a student with a hearing impairment and technology has been installed in the classroom where I wear a microphone and my voice will be projected through the classrooms stereo system. This is a wonderful opportunity to work with a new type of technology as well as learn how to cope with learning difficulties in the classroom.

My mentor teacher is aware that I need to incorporate as much technology as possible in the three weeks that I am there and he has given me the go ahead to go nuts with what I want to use. He is actually looking forward to seeing what types of technology are available. I discussed the use of a blog within the classroom and was unsure how the students would relate to it or whether they would be able to contribute to it given that they are academically behind. My mentor teacher and I discussed it and he believes that it might be a great idea as the students seem to respond well to the use of technology and believes that it may just capture their attention and provide them a different avenue to write. I posted in a previous blog about incorporating a blog. Click here to read about it. I think I am going to go with kidblog rather than edublogs. I think it provides myself and the students with a safe, reliable and even better, free environment to promote learning, enhance communication and easily incorporate technology. All of the subjects that I will be teaching will all provide opportunity to use technology and I am now on the prowl to find different programs that I can incorporate.  I am unsure as to exactly what the curriculum focus will be but I have been given a rough guideline to work from. All I can do now is research and gather information. A great place to start is my peers blogs. For example when reading Mrs V Learns blog I came across her blog titled Little Helps for the Classroom. This blog had some great little tips on some very simple but effective programs that can be used for grouping students  called ‘Hats’.

Well I am off now to look for programs. Wish me luck!!

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