My first week

Well my first week got off to a flying start with my first lesson on Monday. This was a literacy lesson and allowed me the opportunity to introduce my class to the class blog that I had created using kidblog. The students had to write a descriptive piece on themselves. This allowed me the opportunity to integrate my blog, learn about the students I was teaching, introduce myself to the students and teach important facets of literacy like grammar, punctuation and spelling. The students responded so well to the blog and most of them didn’t need help navigating their way around the program. I was amazed at how easily they picked it up. Most of the week was taken up with NAPLAN testing. In between this I was able to conduct a few more lessons. I taught a history lesson. I used to brainstorm with the students. I have discussed the use of in my blog ‘Mind Mapping in Wonderful‘. The students loved the incorporation of the program and responded well to it. The students then used the class blog to write an imaginative piece, again focusing on the important aspects of literacy. The lesson did not go exactly to plan. However, I have decided that next time we need to brainstorm I am going to allow my students to create their own mind map on their laptops. Following this lesson I taught a Mathematics lesson on division. There was no use of technology in this lesson as I was given little planning time due to NAPLAN and Friday afternoon sports. All in all it was a good week. I am slowly getting use to the class and teaching and am sure that the second week will bring many more thrills and challenges.

Before I go I have one more reflection I would like to share. I thought going into my prac that integrating technology would be easy. My PLN was developing and was certainly larger than it was at the start of the subject, the school has available technology to use and the class seemed to respond well to the small inclusions that I made in the first week. So why am I finding it difficult? I thought that it would be easy, however it isn’t. I feel that what I have so far included has not enhanced the learning experience, it has just been using technology. I am going to spend this week reflecting on what I did and how I can improve. I am also going to plan for my second weeks lesson and really research some ways in which I can integrate technology to enhance learning. I have come across the site ‘Enhance Learning with Technology’. It has some really useful ways to incorporate technology and even discussed using them in conjunction with various learning strategies. I am determine to persevere and ensure that I integrate technology that is useful and purposeful. After reading Candice Merrimans blog post ‘Pessimist or Optimist Towards Using ICT on Professional Experience‘ I have decided to stop whining that it is too hard and dive in head first! I can only hope and expect that my second weeks lessons are going to be better than my first weeks lessons!

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